OpenCellId for Sony Ericsson JP-7/JP-8

About This Page

This page is about a Java program able to collect cell site information and their positions
i.e. latitude and longitude.

The program is a OpenCellId client, The idea is that collected information should be feed into the OpenCellId database.



The Program

The program is a Java application that runs on J2ME platforms. Currently it will just run on SonyEricsson JP-7 / JP-8 mobile phones. To find out what phones being JP-7/JP-8 phones visit SonyEricsson.

The program is connecting up to an external GPS receiver using Bluetooth. For retrieving position information i.e. latitude and longitude. The program requirements are

The reason why program only will run on Sony Ericsson phones is related to how cell id information can be obtained. The way the cell id information could be obtained in phones is different for different manufactures and models. Since I just have access to SonyEricsson phones, there was not that many ways to go.

Note that there is also a OpenCellId client available for Windows Mobiles
OpenCellId for Windows Mobile or go here for an other one)
Additional clients are also listed on the OpenCellId
download page.

The basic program functionality is

Connect Device

When the program is launched there will be a dialog listing available bluetooth devices.
In order to proceed you have to select a device and connect to it.

CellId Information

The CellId Information window will display current cell site to which the phone is connected and the position information for the site.

Cell List

The Cell List window shows the cell sites being captured.

GPS Information

In the GPS Information window current GPS information from the receiver is displayed.


From the CellId List, GPS Information and , CellId Information window it is possible to map current position
or a previously captured CellId position to a map i.e. Google Map. In the Map window you can zoom in or out.

Uploading Information

The main objective with this program is to collect cell site information and upload it to the OpenCellId database. This can be done when being in the Cell List Window. There is an "upload" menu alternative. When invoking the upload alternative the program will establish an Internet connection (you will be prompted to confirm the connection). Connecting to Internet from the mobile will be normally be charged by operator. The cost is depending on your subscription, dataplan and the amount of information you have collected. Once a position entry is uploaded it is marked as uploaded and will not be uploaded in case you run a second upload.

However it is possible to manually save the information on to the phone memory card or main memory. This is done in the Cell List window, there is "save" menu alternative. When saving the information the program will try to save it on the memory card. If no memory card could be found the information is saved to the phone main memory. The information is save to the file "opencellid.cvs" or the root.

If you do not upload the position information directly from the mobile, you can copy the "opencellid.dat" file to an PC and upload it from there. Normally the cost for doing it on an Internet connect PC at home, is relatively inexpensive. On the OpenCellId site ther is a WEB page on which it is possible to upload CVS files. You whould copy your opencellid.cvs file to your PC and upload the positions from via the WEB page Note that you will need an OpenCellId API key to upload the file. A key can be obtained here

Installation and Download

A binary JAD/JAR has been built for SonyEricsson JP-7/JP-8 phones (that is what I have).

if you would like to install the program, you should on your mobile visit the site specified below . Click on the link "OpenCellId client" on the page and the program will automatically install itself.


I have made the source code available for the Mobile Client.
The code for the Client can be found

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